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July 10, 2009



Amanda Palmer is a pathetic idiot. What a skank.

Amanda Palmer needs a therapist

Amanda Palmer is a mess. Supposedly this woman is a feminist?Here's my big, hairy body covered in words? Honestly, this woman needs therapy because she acts like an abused person whose self esteem is tied up to being a sex object. She continually acts out like a tantrum throwing child. Amanda Palmer is gross. Supposedly she's into Scientology now too so now she'll never get the help she needs since they hate psychiatry and Amanda Palmer needs a good therapist. Ugh.


Looks like a dude...


Okay, that is just going to give me bad dreams. looks like Jame Gumb hiding his member between his legs. What is the point of this?

Yay Tits!

I assume she was somewhat wasted during this "session"? Wonder what she was on...alcohol, smoke, pills, or injection?

Did she say?


jealous? don't you wish you had that great a body and that much confidence? get over your judgemental selves.


Great body??? Are you insane?! Amanda Palmer is a hairy heifer! Some people really ought to keep their clothes on and Palmer is definitely one of them with her linebacker shoulders and she just looks like she needs a bath.


Ugh. Amanda Palmer is gross.


Wow are you people insane? She is fucking gorgeous. I love you Amanda!


What a sad excuse for a human being. Amanda Palmer is a hag.


Amanda Palmer is the Drama Kid that nobody likes that tries to fit in with the weird crowd and gets in way over their head until they think they are expressing themselves by doing stupid crap like this, but they don't realize that they keep trying to find meaning in their actions because they feel empty all of the time because they are living someone else's life. The end.


People on the internet love to say things they'd never say off of the internet. Amanda Palmer is a unique talent. In these pictures she loos beautiful. Like a real woman. Anyone looking for fake boobs, blown dried hair, and someone who spent way too much time with the ab master, should rent old DVDs of Bay Watch. I believe they're available on NetFlix.


Hardly different from Courtney Love, really.

Daniel Schulz

Is this like important news? Gorgeous body- but what's written on it and unreadable as it is- hello? what's the meaning? Does it have neccessity? Is it pure fun? - Globalization of the image...

a waiting conquest

Amanda You rock. I love you just like you are. Dont listen to these shiteaters. We want more AFPAFPAFPAFPAFP

Caitlin Stephens

I love you Amanda.


Amanda Palmer is a fucking skank. I worked with her and she has no limits to who she will sleep with or betray to try and climb the ladder. By the way, Amanda relentlessly cruises the web and writes comments about herself. I've never seen a less talented musician who was so narcissistic. She's a head case and should be on meds.

Em Williams

i don't think amanda was trying to be particularly inventive or shocking. she's just corky and expressive.

plus, she's really not fat...

a geeeass person

honestly...eww to her armpits and ewww to hair pubic hair. I personally hate hair!
But she is very talented and im happy she is brave enough to take such a gross picture of herself. she might be crazy but the good crazy!



Hardly different from Courtney Love? Yeah, except for the integrity, ingenuity, and lack of truly self-destructive tendencies, yeah. In that they both have ovaries. Palmer is fucking gorgeous. Just because she isnt plastic, you bitch incessantly about her looks. You shallow fucks all sound suspiciously like throwawys from the film Mean Girls. Suck it, the lot of you. Palmer is dutchess of your world.


I teach secondary highschool and her behavior is very similar if not just like the self absorbed little brats I have to deal with everyday. They just make me laugh and want to pat them on the head condesendingly.


Omg, you mean women have body hair too? EWWW. Please grow up, children. This is what the vast majority of real women look like. I think she's beautiful. I can't say the same for all the stupid plastic b*tches posing in Cosmo and that type of crap, and so I actually respect her more because of these pictures.


Are you joking? She's absolutely beautiful! All the magazines I see are skinny girls with big boobs, waxed beyond belief and caked with makeup and she doesn't have any of that.


wow a heifer? she isn't a cow. She is a woman that believes in what she believes and people need to stop knocking each other down. If she bothers you don't mention it, it doesn't change who she is. You just sound like another judgmental person. If everyone was exactly the same the world would be very dull.


Hey, dude who claims to have worked with AFP: she's never tried to "get to the top," she gives her music away, for fuck's sake.

I won't even waste my breath responding to the unnecessary attacks on her personal appearance, however, clearly some of you are unfamiliar with the correct definition of the term "feminism:" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism

Talent is in the eye of the beholder, it's true, but the woman is a huge inspiration to many artists you may know and love.

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